Stephen A. Malkoff

MontageStephen A. Malkoff is an architect by training but an internationally known artist by accomplishment. He has been described as the country's leading arboreal artist. He formerly served as the designated artist of the National Historic Tree Register.

Malkoff and his work have been featured in Southern Living, Country Living and Guideposts. He is one of the only living artists to have his work permanently displayed in the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

The steady and expressive artist pencil of Stephen Malkoff was the subject of a Florida Public Television one hour documentary:Tree Lines:The Art of Stephen Malkoff.

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Malkoff's subjects stretch from Florida to Hawaii...the Great Northwest to the Southern reaches of the United States.

Stephen Malkoff is a gifted artist living with his family in Enterprise, Alabama. He has been a city fireman and a promising university football player. Whether rendering the intricate and subtle fabric of nature or man's architectural marvels of a great sports arena or university icon, the eye and heart of Stephen Malkoff come together in an unique expression of art of solitary harmony.

"Feeling the texture of the bark smooth and rough with my hands...I can still smell the fragrance of the earth uncovered beneath the forest blanket. I can hear the wind coming... the leaves and branches shivering in the wind's presence. My eyes are filled with detail, millions of leaves and limbs casting ever-changing shadows."  —  Stephen A. Malkoff
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